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My time in Spain

Saturday, 14th of July 2018

Hola! So I have been home now one week and now I will tell you about my time in Spain. I had the BEST three months in my life in Spain, even if it started hard it ended good ( It sounds better in swedish). To be in Spain so long is a big experience. The first month I missed my family a lot, but then it stopped. My family and friend in Spain were so kind and I miss them a lot.

The school I were is called I.E.S Francisco Montoya. The school was so much different to our school in Finland. The school was really big and there were a lot of pupils. In Spain the pupils are REALLY loud and in Finland we are quite quiet. In Finland we get free lunch and in Spain they have to take their own ( Like they call it) second breakfast or they can go and buy something from the cafeteria at the school. The subjects were similar to the subjects that we have in Finland, but there were some that we don't have in Finland. The school days are 6 hours and 30 minutes. First they…
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Week thirteen

Thursday, 5th of July 2018

Hola! This is the last week in Spain. Today it is only two days left until I go home. It is very sad because I have had the best three months in my life. It has been so fun being in Spain, but I will tell more about the experience on Sunday.

This week in las Norias there is a carnival. There is many programs in the carniva and there are attractions too. It mostly started on Tuseday, then we went and watched a movie at the football place. They played the newest Ghostbusters, but it was in Spanish. Yesterday there was a show were they danced flamenco. It was fun to watch, but it was a little bit cold because it was at eleven o'clock in the evening. Then there was a band that played and the played to half past two in the night! So I was really tired. Today there is a party and I am going and we will go ten o'clock in the evening. Tomorrow there is a party to, but we have to see if I am going because I have to pack the last things.

Week twelve

Sunday, 1th of July 2018

Hola! Today we have been to Oceanogràfic in Valencia. Oceanográfic is a place were there is aquarium. Like there was fishes, jellyfish, sharks and more animals from the ocean. There was this thing that you go through and there are fishes over you. That was the first time I saw a shark. It was fun, but it was hot outside and in the bus it was cold so I wore my nike trousers and it got really hot. I also had a headache and it hurted really bad. Then we went to eat and I got a pill for my head to stop hurting. Then we went back to the bus and and we started going home.

This week has been amazing and fun. Going to different place and while going to that place seeing how Spain looks. I When we sat there in the bus for many hours and looking out the window ( The time I wasn't sleeping) how Spain really looks. Spain dosn't just have places were people live there is also places no one lives. Like when we went to Madrid. Madrids center was like seeing New York …

Week twelve

Saturday, 30th of June 2018

Hola! Today we have been to Portaventura. Portaventura is the amusement park called. It was really fun and the attractions were so fun. When we came there we got the ticket and we went to the first attraction. There was so many people so the line was so long. After 20 minutes we got on it was a water attraction. It was really fun because we have one of those in Finland in Linnanmaäk. Portaventura is bigger then Linnanmäki and beside Portaventura there is a Ferarri park, but we didn't have tickets for that. My favorite attractions were two roller coasters. One of them was red and went so you were upside down it was really fun. The second one was white and it went really high up and went straight down. We were there to three o'clock in the morning. It would had been okay to be there to twelve o'clock because I got so tierd.

Week twelve

Friday, 29th of June 2018

Hola! Today we have sat five hours in the bus. We went from Andorra to Salou. When we arrived in Salou the clock was two so we ate lunch. They had a buffer here in the hotel so I ate salad again. We had free time this whole day. Me and Molly went shopping form some souvenirs. I found magnets and a bracelet for my sister here in Spain. The hotel had a pool, but we didn't have time to go. Now I am sitting in my hotel room that I share with Nuria ( My host sister) and Molly ( The other exchange student), because every one else is n a pub. I didn't want to go because I wanted to write on my blog and so I can get my beauty sleep.

Tomorrow we will go to amusement park. It will be so fun because I love amusement parks.

Week twelve

Thursday, 28th June 2018

Hola! Today we arrived to Andorra. It took 4 hours by bus. When we arrived we put our bags up in our room. The hotel here in Andorra is much better then the ones we have been in before. We then went to eat lunch and it was a buffet I only ate salad. Then we just came up to the room a little bit and then we went shopping. I bought nearly every to my relatives and I just bought a pair of football socks to me. Then when we were gonna come back to the hotel we went to a park. In thepark there was a slide that I bumped my head in. When we were done we came back to the hotel and put our swimsuits and bikinis on to go to the spa. In the spa there was a SAUNA!! I have missed the sauna in three months. The spa had a swimming pool inside and outside. There was also many jacuzzi. I was most happy about the sauna.

Tomorrow we are going to Salou to Barcelona. I don't really know what we are going to do, but I just have to see and wait.

Week twelve

Wednesday, 27th of June 2018

Hola! Today we have been rafting. It was so much fun even if I was scared at first. First we went to the place were we were gonna change to the swimsuits and it was not fun to put on teh swimsuits. The swimsut were cold and wet. When we all were done we went to the river were we were gonna drift. When we went in the water it was quite cold. The rivers flow went really fast some places. Some places the water came up in the rubber boat and we got wet. We were ten in the boat and it went good. Some places we bumped in to the rocks, but no one got hurted and thank god no one fell from the boat. We had a person that works with rafring, so we were safe.The person told us that the river goes to france, so we crossed the french border. When we came there were we were gonna come up from the water, it was sad because I wanted to go longer. I would recommed to go rafting because itis so fun.

Tomorrow we will go to Andorra. Andorra is a country between Spain and Franc…